The disregarded tragedy #writephoto

Dare to put that haunting question "where did I go wrong?" through the prism of truth and it will spread its wings right before your eyes like it had been caged by your reluctance so far. Like it was dying to speak to  you when you have been stifling its helpless cries for attention. We... Continue Reading →

Horizon On Fire #writephoto

Who set the horizon ablaze?? Like our souls weren't seared enough already? Like regrets haven't tried to torch our minds turning every fragment of our conscious into soft grey aches flying around us as we cover this dreadful transition between life and death. Like some pixel of our once scarlet heart managed to save hint... Continue Reading →

A Promise..#writephoto

I scream my lungs out I keep crying and shrieking Holding my knees So that I don’t fall from shaking in rage I feel blood running In thinnest veins of my brain Burning hot lava I can feel my throat scarring The veins of on my neck Thrusting against my skin Pushing to explode And... Continue Reading →

Engraving Hope #writephoto

I like to play with darkness.. My own tagline echoed somewhere in the dark corridors of my mind. The maze of concrete I run around just for the sake of running, not to find a way out, really. Sounds strange. I know. But that's how it is. I had a thorough look at reference image... Continue Reading →

Missing Element..#whitephoto

A: Bubble-mint! B: Ahaha. close.. A: Or .. baskin robbin’s cotton candy! B: Closer.. A: This place is giving me diabetes i swear. B: Hmm but its beautiful. Isn’t it?? How often do you find a color palette like that in nature.. A: I don’t know. You could use this theme to decorate nursery of... Continue Reading →

Shakespearean Window..#writephoto

She was returning from school. Her pace a cocktail of walking briskly, tip toeing, jogging and kicking random rocks, depending on her mood and magnitude of exhaustion. Her back hunched under the weight of abnormally heavy bag. She sometimes would look at donkey carts and shout, “there is no difference between me and you” followed... Continue Reading →

Farewell At Morn #writephoto

Lost in the tranquil dawn I sit by a tree In the blurred foggy morn I set my remorses free I hear your gentle feet Kissing the wet grass And you come walking behind me Without stopping, you just pass The whiff of your perfume Magically anesthetize me My lids give in And veil you... Continue Reading →

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