A Hell in Disguise #writephoto #poetry

Blues of the tranquil sky Froze my gaze on that tiny arc The silver crescent Smiling down at the circus A pained smile Watching Plastics turning human Humans turning plastic Hearts turning ice Ice flooding the land Planet shaking in fear Murky air And yet We just don't care Willows weeping Oceans reeking But no!... Continue Reading →

Clouded Morning #writephoto #poetry

And just like that It was morning again My dreams fading My thoughts crowded I got out of the sheets Like drapes of the night Sliding from the day My nose slightly stuffy My vision, still clouded A chill ran through me When sleep left me alone Bones creaked as I moved Body still knackered... Continue Reading →

Dream #writephoto

My eyelids flutter Like thick curtains As I cram another dream Of heaven and beyond To hide it From the brutal circus Of envious clowns I hold my breath Like I could hold the scent Of earthy heathers Scattered across a field Like winter snow Only colored ..Sublime.. I clutch my fists To hold the... Continue Reading →

Silver #writephoto

Sun lashed at still water Like a goddess brimming With cold rage Turned it silver in pain Shivering and clinging to sand Trying not to skid deeper Not to lose it soul Not to dry out to a salty patch This little pond Bore the callous flogging Clutched its every breath For all the lives... Continue Reading →

Cocoon – poetry #writephoto

I heard my name between serrated whispers Those whispers crawled like slimy worms over my solitude Disgust rose to my throat like mercury shooting up And I saw fear peeking through curtains with conniving eyes Rubbing its hand together, watching my next move My wings started rolling into themselves from all edges, slowly Every feather... Continue Reading →

Make me calm #WritePhoto #Poetry

Cold Make me cold Like those stone walls So old Calm Make me calm Like that baby’s hand Nestled in my palm Still Make me still Just like the winter ocean ..tranquil.. Cry Don’t make me cry Like that smoldering rain Drizzling from red sky Light Show me some light It’s getting dark and i’m... Continue Reading →

A Dreadful Trip #WritePhoto

They said travel and you will be all right. Just like suggestions about sorceries like eating healthy, socializing, working out and so on. So here I was, looking out on a stream of water gushing out of rocks with its all might only to end up in a small dark pond. Lovely fresh air that... Continue Reading →

Rains of time #writephoto

I love black. I love blue. I love grey. I love when light turns every vibrant structure into a shadow and sends the whole scene into monochrome It’s not darkness of my mind. It's not sadness of my heart. It’s the simplicity that my eyes crave. My eyes wants to see the worlds stripped of colors.... Continue Reading →

My tranquility, my light #writephoto

And then popped your image Between hundreds of pictures Your light brown side parted hair Partially draping your visage Falling on your shoulder Like a stream of gold Cascading down In perfect harmony And that smile When you are not really smiling And you are trying not to They say I got that from you... Continue Reading →

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