Belated Women’s Day!

I really wanna say something. We had a little celebration at work on International Women's Day and since I joined just few days back I avoided giving a comment. Wanna read the room probably before being too vocal about my opinions. So, like always I will say here, what I'm saying anywhere else... I have... Continue Reading →

Worn Traditions #writephoto

I was standing on the verge of the same old worn steps that had endured merciless tradition for centuries. They were crafted by the feet of the women before me, pressured by the society, and the society before that and so on. They didn’t choose this path. There was always somebody holding the emotional whip... Continue Reading →

Attention Ladies!

It’s women’s day. I am not a stereotypical feminist. I look at things on human level regardless of the differences. But there are a few things I need to say to women today. 10 year back I thought I am just an equal to any guy. 5 - 6 years back I was still thinking... Continue Reading →

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