Exhausted #NaPoWriMo #AtoZChallenge

Sanity in shredder My strenght broken I am deeply scarred By cruel taunts unspoken Curledup in a corner Wrapped in blanket Waiting for tremors to fade I am a little shaken Darkness consuming my mind Silence crawling under my skin Too exhausted to react I lay here frozen The jury decided in my favour But…… Continue reading Exhausted #NaPoWriMo #AtoZChallenge

My little heart #NaPoWriMo 2018

My little heart Is still shaking It’s funny How stupidly terrified It’s looking I smile at it It stares at me With its bright beady eyes Lying in its crib Confined Away from Toxic world Still trembling.. I let out a laugh I’m sorry couldn’t help It rolls its eyes And looks annoyed To calm…… Continue reading My little heart #NaPoWriMo 2018

Missing Element..#whitephoto

A: Bubble-mint! B: Ahaha. close.. A: Or .. baskin robbin’s cotton candy! B: Closer.. A: This place is giving me diabetes i swear. B: Hmm but its beautiful. Isn’t it?? How often do you find a color palette like that in nature.. A: I don’t know. You could use this theme to decorate nursery of…… Continue reading Missing Element..#whitephoto

Anchored, yet restless – WPC

I’d Rather Be…watching sunset somewhere by the sea. Sitting on those huge rocks looking at sun sinking into the ocean turning into melted gold … …… I would rather be flying somewhere Letting the winds handle the reins of my life briefly.. just briefly.. … Maybe I would prefer to sit at that point between…… Continue reading Anchored, yet restless – WPC

A Cry

Did you hear A cry Wrapped in abstinence Or lets say.. ..Promises.. Breathing hard Clouded by Mundane worldly …Noises… Its tracks Erased Directions.. …lost… It’s hurt.. The cry.. That was never Let out.. It’s sending tremors Shaking earth Smoldering oceans… Shedding clouds Pulling down ..The sky… The cry.. Kneeling..Pleading Urging To be heard Aching.. To…… Continue reading A Cry