Best Kickboxing Match Ever!

Remembering the best times of your life dilutes the intensity of chaos running in the present. It was second last year of our school life and we were throwing farewell party for our seniors. Now, our class was the wildest craziest bunch of people I have even seen in my life. Convincing them to perform…… Continue reading Best Kickboxing Match Ever!

Study?? really?? zzzZZZ

Study? Really?? This reminded me of group study sessions we had in student life. Sam and I had simple definition of group studies. I would go to her place. We would gossip. We would pull out our huge box of magazines (we both were reader’s digest hoarders, still are). We would listen to some music,…… Continue reading Study?? really?? zzzZZZ

Fragments of One Huge Lie

Watch And you will see The birds flying In the magnificent skies Circle within The unmarked boundaries Feel the ocean Wrapped around you When you go for the next swim Let it seep To your bones And don’t be surprised By the nature’s demarcations The layers Of different waters Now look around At the people…… Continue reading Fragments of One Huge Lie

The Crow and The Window – #writephoto

“Keep yourself as busy as you can.”  Anne said in a hauntingly empty voice. The words sounded recorded and overplayed almost to the point they became devoid of emotions. She looked like a figurine sculpted to fit in that delicately carved rocking chair. Nobody could tell she wasn’t sleeping. On her feet Emma sat kneeling…… Continue reading The Crow and The Window – #writephoto

Never Doing Self-Portraits…

So, I was watching tutorials, like I do pretty much all the time. And I came across a beautiful abstract portrait art tutorial done in Brilliant colors I was mesmerized. It is longest video that I patiently watched twice in a day. The lady was teaching about how to draw self-portrait and the first step…… Continue reading Never Doing Self-Portraits…

Forlorn Philosophies

Listen Obey Bow your head Kneel down Don’t cry Not a single tear Why are you shaking Like a withered leaf Dont! No more sobbing Why are you crying You have everything Don’t you?? Tell us Or dont Just obey Smile Or dont Just obey And don’t you dare weep Like a pathetic fool You…… Continue reading Forlorn Philosophies