Review by Dave Williams (Review#20)

Every review makes me emotional and I tear up a little. But this one made me cry. I have been numb for last week or so for too many reasons and I thought maybe it’s good. Maybe for a change I’m getting few anxiety-free days. But my mind was silently struggling in a dark corner... Continue Reading →

Review by Jay Bleu (Review # 19)

When your very good friend and an effortlessly amazing poet himself leaves a review for your book, it's literally the sweetest thing. Sweetest, because I know how extremely busy he has been. Thank you Jay Bleu for taking time to read and review the book, your support means a lot to me. Friends standing by... Continue Reading →

A Friend Like Her

Weird things happen after midnight in my life. I met a friend here like 2 years back. She very randomly reached out when I was going through a lot. My mom's loss was fresh and my dad wasn't able to deal with it. Devastated is a very small word for my state at that point.... Continue Reading →

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