Crawling out of the dark tunnels

Yesterday was riddled with crippling fear. We all get nightmares but there are very few of them that make you scream in sleep. And when it involves your loved ones it’s nearly impossible to deal with it. For hours I was shaking. 10 hours I was constantly fighting the fear trying in vain to at... Continue Reading →


Okay Enough of sulking Get up! Get up right now!! So friends, do you know me?? Do you know how long it took me to crawl and drag my lifeless body out of a the darkest deepest pit possible?? 1 and a half year! Yes every minute every second for 1 and a half year... Continue Reading →

To survive another day..

All you need is..  - Food (well this is horrible example of food, but i only have picture of this) - A little bit of madness (yup! Had to. Or i would have died with anxiety) -And amazing friends... You guys and my 911 gang (wish i could show you idiotic selfie a member of... Continue Reading →

Dodging Disappointments

Every now and then we encounter a new level of disappointment in life. And 95% of the times we are dejected because people didn’t see us or treat us the way we expected. It took me time and experiences to understand the mechanism of expectations, Impressions and disappointments. And all of it has come down... Continue Reading →

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