Okay Enough of sulking Get up! Get up right now!! So friends, do you know me?? Do you know how long it took me to crawl and drag my lifeless body out of a the darkest deepest pit possible?? 1 and a half year! Yes every minute every second for 1 and a half year... Continue Reading →

Survival tip!

Let me share with you guys something that i read on the way in readers digest asia. I have been practicing it for quite some time now.. and trust me it's the best survival tip for situations you can't escape.

Survival Kit Concept.

A friend of mine visited me and we were sitting in our art studio. Yup! We have a room that actually looks like an art studio as we keep all our art supplies in that room. It was never planned; it’s my ex-bedroom. Well. She came and she saw a pocket size set of dry... Continue Reading →

Helplessness that lead to Rejuvenation.

The journey we take to reach adulthood pretty much takes away our innocent smile, our carefree attitude, our stupid mistakes, our sharp wit, that ever-flickering spark of madness from us. The courage we had when we used to fall down, get up, dust ourselves and start running again. Our craziest dreams which made us believe... Continue Reading →

Roller Coaster

It’s a beautiful misty morning. Your hands stuffed in your pockets as you walk slicing the fog around you. The only sound hitting your ear drums is of your medicated slippers touching the damp road. Indignation on your mind, grief crushing your heart still you have a faint smile on your lips as you have... Continue Reading →

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