Another pebble hurled at her So casually Like they toss pebbles In a pond And watch ripples blooming Just for amusement She catches it Tucks it in her pocket And pulls her shawl Tight around her Like it was a metal armor With a heavier pocket Firmer swaddle And faster steps She hastens back home... Continue Reading →

Save yourself.

“nobody can save you but yourself. you will be put again and again into nearly impossible situations. they will attempt again and again through subterfuge, guise and force to make you submit, quit and/or die quietly inside. nobody can save you but yourself and it will be easy enough to fail so very easily but... Continue Reading →

What have we become??

When you have been running a marathon on the rugged trails non-stop. As you feel you might miss something. If you dont run fast enough. You might run out of time. It's the fear pushing you. Then when you stop to breathe your heart thunders so hard you use all your energies to stop it... Continue Reading →

Crawling out of the dark tunnels

Yesterday was riddled with crippling fear. We all get nightmares but there are very few of them that make you scream in sleep. And when it involves your loved ones it’s nearly impossible to deal with it. For hours I was shaking. 10 hours I was constantly fighting the fear trying in vain to at... Continue Reading →

Row row row your boat..

Well shit happens Sometimes shit becomes a chewing gum and keeps stretching.. But keep rowing guys.. You don't really have choice. I am seriously disappointed beyond believe by most of the people. But i have a solid clan standing by me. One of them at least is all the time with me. It's a big... Continue Reading →

Rain From Clear Blue Sky

I was shiver and shaking again Pelted by lies and deceit It was an uncontrollable fit My bones hurt I was falling apart Until finally The sleep embraced me Before my final collapse Somebody had to save me right? I woke up a stranger A new person A new world A new life A blank... Continue Reading →

Waking up slowly..

A new day. Continuation of the same old shit. When a cargo train full of brand new information hits you, you can’t process anything. And if you don’t get a chance to process the whole thing turns into a huge tangled mess. I have been in a horribly dark dense place. I have never experiences... Continue Reading →

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