Illuminate and Look Around

Do you know your true Calling?? Could you hear your final destiny echoing in valleys of dreams? 5 years back I was an IT auditor in a Big4 firm. At that moment in time I thought this is it! This is what I was born to be. It’s perfect. And Bam!!! Life happened. What happened in…… Continue reading Illuminate and Look Around

Insomnia- a blessing in disguise!

Regardless of countless Disastrous effects of insomnia, there are tonnes of perks of the condition that a non-insomniac might never enjoy. My 1st apartment was on the 4th floor and there wasn’t any building blocking the view, it gave way to all kinds of artistry. My ceiling was a canvas… passing cars would cast an ever-shifting…… Continue reading Insomnia- a blessing in disguise!

Wound that gave way to the Light

“The wound is the place where the light enters you”-Jalaluddin Rumi I lost a loved one recently. Somebody I shared the purest, most unconditional love with. For an indefinite period of time I had terrible brain-fog. All my life I feared this moment. I always thought what am I going to do if he is…… Continue reading Wound that gave way to the Light