Anxiety and Rage

"Anxiety is like a beautiful but intense energy, if we channel it positively we can end up with something brilliant, otherwise it starts to destroy everything", I told a teenage girl who talks to me when she needs someone. We talk about anxiety a lot. And what was it like when I was her age.... Continue Reading →

Sobs of Torment #poetry

Sobs of torment Sink into pillows Burn in rage Like a wild dragon Growing mighty With every cry As every tear Feed the anger And.. With hate Bubbling in heart And vengece Brimming in eyes She waits... For the moment Her wings are strong To take a flight And wreack a hevoc For demons Who... Continue Reading →

Rage #NaPoWriMo #AtoZChallenge

A hard ball Stuck in throat The heat Boiling brain A fireball Bouncing in ribs Randomly Violently Fists clenched Eyes burning ambers Every breath Fueling the rage As the test crosses Another extreme.. Copyright © 2018 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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