Feeling like a ghost

Excitement do funny things to you. I havent posts this much in a day ever, I guess. And honestly only one post (the categories one) is something I would suggest you read. The rest is just me jumping around in excitement. Book is going great. Everything about it is turning out to be better than…… Continue reading Feeling like a ghost

got approved in 10 categories!!! like all of them!!

if amazon, amazon kindle to be precise was a person I would have hugged it right now!! a little background first. since we all are writers or aspiring writers, this could be helpful to you all too. you can add your book in total 10 categories on amazon. but on the front it only allows…… Continue reading got approved in 10 categories!!! like all of them!!

Good morning!

Well its 1 46 pm here. And I have no clue what time is it elsewhere but since it’s now I am starting to work on the rest of the things, it’s a morning for me. Yesterday has been so intense! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. For being part of this journey…… Continue reading Good morning!

Numb with happiness

i don’t know how it works. but look at the ranking at the bottom.. i am numb.. had such a long list of things to do and now i can’t focus on anything at all! P.s. here’s the link to the book => Swinging Sanity .. Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where…… Continue reading Numb with happiness

O my God 😭

O God.. Seriously it’s strange state I’m in right now. I am sure a lot of you have been there. I have been walking on a blade with this whole thing, you guys have no idea. I’m talking about my book. Few hours ago I submitted it to be approved for preorder. And it said…… Continue reading O my God 😭

busy busy busy..

Been busy Well you read that thrice on the title. And you wouldn’t believe if I tell you what kept me so busy. Shopping!!! E-shopping to be precise.. from sephora.. yes I was surprised too. And so were my friends.. Had to order some skin care products and believe me it took me 2 days…… Continue reading busy busy busy..