Ask for help. (Suicide)

Life needs major amendments and up-gradations in our perspective every now and then. We can’t spend our entire life deceiving ourselves that we know what everyone is going through. Our opinions shouldn’t be set in stone. So 2 months back when Chester Bennington left, I wrote a post on Suicide. I request you all to…… Continue reading Ask for help. (Suicide)

Insomnia- a blessing in disguise!

Regardless of countless Disastrous effects of insomnia, there are tonnes of perks of the condition that a non-insomniac might never enjoy. My 1st apartment was on the 4th floor and there wasn’t any building blocking the view, it gave way to all kinds of artistry. My ceiling was a canvas… passing cars would cast an ever-shifting…… Continue reading Insomnia- a blessing in disguise!

Little White Sundress

Her desolate eyes looked at the birds outside the window, telling them a million stories. These little gray marbles still wore the shine that wasn’t lost to years of neglect. She was sitting on a small stool that barely contained her but I guess it was still better than lying in rubble. Sounds of my…… Continue reading Little White Sundress

Anxiety – A Battle With Invisible Demon

As May is observed as Mental Health Month, I would like to give my two cents on anxiety based on my own experience. I have steroids induced anxiety. I have been on steroids and immunosuppressant for autoimmune and that revved-up my brain. I was already a restive person by nature. I used to wash my…… Continue reading Anxiety – A Battle With Invisible Demon