Author’s Note- MHA

Before I lose my confidence and get all Awkward and get lost into procrastination tunnel.. lets proceed to phase two of the Mental Health Awareness Mission/Drive/Champagne/Project. I have straightened the post a little. But I still need to fully update its content. And drafted this author's note to attach with the post when forwarding it... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk- it’s important.

Last 15 days I have been on an emotional rollercoaster ride that I cannot just put in words. Reading about people struggling with vicious demons within their own bodies gives you shocks and shudders literally. I made MHA post on 27th April and since then all my energies are directed towards its success. Now a few... Continue Reading →

The Fox and I..

When I was born someone else was also born with me. A creature chained to my right foot, that is my dominating foot. I assumed it to be an animal in my naive mind. But I didn't know its specie. It could be a wolf, a fox or a dog. I realized it growing up.... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Awareness Mission

When you set out on a journey to raise awareness you start looking for people fighting mental illnesses ... like this.... and then they come running to help you like this... (I know they look like running away but imagine they are running towards you) and suport and encourage you like this.. it's so overwhelming..I... Continue Reading →

Today’s Progress

Trust me when I say its like a job. I am gathering people on my mental health post..i have made a list of conditions..please suggest more. And I am searching for their blogs from wordpress reader..then inviting people. Yesterday I invited Bipolar I focused on OCD..yesterday I am planning PTSD. If I am not... Continue Reading →

Hollow Shell of Skin

What does depression feel like??? You are staring into the huge dark abyss Longing to get a glimpse of a fleck of light Hoping a firefly would show up miraculously But it doesn’t.. Instead its darkness starts eating you It reaches your eyes and travels to your core Forming a hollow deep dark hole in... Continue Reading →

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