I Told You My Name..

When we were laughing Carelessly..ceaselessly On our random stupidities Between the giggles Playfully, I sneaked my name.. When it hit us And toppled our univervse Overwhelmed by epiphany Wishing to die in euphoria Slowly, I whispered my name.. When we were lost Bewildered by confessions Intimidated by the journey ahead In between puzzled question Secretly,…… Continue reading I Told You My Name..

Sympathy?? No Thank You!

This is one of the words I hate… I detest! I can’t stand! This is one thing nobody wants when everybody voluntarily steps forward to gift it with the shiny ribbon on it…because it “looks” good. This is one thing we don’t need! Get your facts right! Yet this is strange…when we don’t get it…… Continue reading Sympathy?? No Thank You!

Crossing the line between love and hate.

Rain has magical power to please everybody, until unless you are on your way back from a wedding…all dolled-up! Last night I went to an overcrowded wedding with my dad and brother. Me: I regret wearing my best shoes. Dad: People can’t see each other’s face you are worried about your shoes? My whole family…… Continue reading Crossing the line between love and hate.