My life in a quote..

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Delusional #NaPoWriMo #AtoZChallenge

A gush of air Knocked my senses Was it a car That just flew by.. Something’s wrong In my field of vision I see flowers smiling.. I just saw a tree cry That grey cat just said hello I am not even surprised I am sure I heard it right Trust me I dont lie..... Continue Reading →

Ridiculers become Rooters!

Our mind is a magic canvas And we are equipped with every medium possible To Create anything Therefore imagination is limitless… Free and fearless… Like an unleashed horse A mighty eagle An arrogant tigress A merciless shark A poised dancing peacock A fierce dragon A flowing river, ..that carves its way tearing through rocks.. Then... Continue Reading →


I wish your Imaginary world was your actual world It’s not its magnificence that keeps you hooked It’s the freedom this world provides you You can be as passionate as you want … nobody calls you hot-headed You love hard … nobody judges you as desperate You laugh loud … nobody calls you crazy You... Continue Reading →

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