Fits of Hilarity

Ever seen babies laugh? loud, fearless, adorable, unfiltered, pure, straight from the heart. And they don’t even need a reason. Sometimes they just drop a toy and it’s funny to them. We love that right?? But when I do it, suddenly it’s a problem and I am immature! I know mine is not a normal... Continue Reading →

Innocent, Harmless Clownery

There should be a scale to Measure boredom. Because the higher the degree, the crazier my reaction is going to be. Honestly and scarily in my case boredom doesn’t take that long to kick-in, then I start looking for something to entertain myself, after I am done with looking for food, obviously. This tendency leads... Continue Reading →

If Samsung HEALTH could speak…

Hello ma'am, you haven’t moved in ages. Have you stopped using this device?? Or you are dead?? Please take a few steps so that I know you exist. Welcome back!! 1000   steps …… good job! 5000   steps ..... almost there 6000   steps …… you have reached your daily steps target. Awesome! 9000   steps ....  good..... Continue Reading →

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