Waking up slowly..

A new day. Continuation of the same old shit. When a cargo train full of brand new information hits you, you can’t process anything. And if you don’t get a chance to process the whole thing turns into a huge tangled mess. I have been in a horribly dark dense place. I have never experiences…… Continue reading Waking up slowly..

2017 Favorites

I was checking gallery of my phone for 2017 Favorites and I saw pictures of my artwork/drawings/experiments/sketches. I dipped my hands in charcoal graphite and soft pastels this year only. The pictures could perfectly reflect the the phases and emotions or just boredom, I have been going through this year. It’s like a timeline of…… Continue reading 2017 Favorites

Baby Owl Judges You All! – Graphite & Charcoal Drawing

So here’s another example of my boredom induced artistic escapades. I tried to get more comfortable with charcoal here. I am gradually learning to be more confident when it comes to drawing with charcoal as it’s crazy medium I swear. Working with charcoal is like taming a wild eagle with inFinite flight range…it flies everywhere…… Continue reading Baby Owl Judges You All! – Graphite & Charcoal Drawing

The Horse – Graphite & Charcoal Drawing

Phew!!! Done with another attempt to turn my entire room black and gray…and my clothes and face too… Well. I love horses so i was looking for guidance when i came across a detailed tutorial on youtube. With the help of that and a few pictures from internet for detailing and shading (i wanted to…… Continue reading The Horse – Graphite & Charcoal Drawing

Oddly satisfying – Graphite Drawing

There’s something oddly satisfying about drawing water/waterdrops.. It was actually relaxing.. I saw another tutorial and started drawing…by the end of the process i could feel my nerves being unruffled.. Here’s the link to tutorial i followed : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8j-6wAH2Pak   Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

The Eye – Charcoal & Graphite Drawing

I haven’t been participating in photography challenge lately as I was trying my hands on drawing.. it’s a self-learning process. This is 10 days old post I am adding this part as I felt like adding this to the challenge. Well the thing is…the moment you try to draw something you try to absorb as…… Continue reading The Eye – Charcoal & Graphite Drawing