When life makes you a cow..

No matter what life throws at you, Do YOU! Be YOU! Even if it suddenly morphs you into a cow just sit back, relax and don’t give up on your passion of reading.. Went out to eat Took this picture Couldn’t stop laughing.. …………… Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I…… Continue reading When life makes you a cow..

Ze..oh..Hero complex reloaded!

Me: Sam, I have hero complex (trying to sound very serious) Sam: Zero complex?? Me: What?? Sam: Ahaha whaaaaaattt?? (the squeal she lets out whenever she says ‘what’) Me: Hero Complex. HERO as in superman! Sam: Henry Cavill??? Oh boy.. what happened?? (with a sudden concern in her voice) Me: Nothing to do with Henry…… Continue reading Ze..oh..Hero complex reloaded!

How to sail through a disaster like a boss!! Ok!! 5 ways to..

Apparently I am going through an alarming natural high that normally hits people in depression. after this you hit a dangerous low. That’s what Sam the champ says. Dad was suddenly too happy before going manic. Hope it’s not that. Another friend says its not. Well! I am going through some serious calamity. Don’t really want…… Continue reading How to sail through a disaster like a boss!! Ok!! 5 ways to..