Study?? really?? zzzZZZ

Study? Really?? This reminded me of group study sessions we had in student life. Sam and I had simple definition of group studies. I would go to her place. We would gossip. We would pull out our huge box of magazines (we both were reader’s digest hoarders, still are). We would listen to some music,... Continue Reading →

1000 Followers..We Did It!!!

Look what happened Un-fucking-believable! Yea.. I woke up to this notification. My first reaction??? And then for what must have felt like a decade at least I was smiling like a doofus staring the screen. Guys I am not even kidding it felt like a dream. I knew this will happen soon and I was... Continue Reading →

To Clutch Or Not To Clutch

How long you should wait for somebody?? How to tell if they need you or not?? Or if you are being tenacious or you are not doing enough…even worse doing something completely wrong? How to tell what people want from us? Some people shut and lock all their emotions and expressions..actually do you know... Continue Reading →

In conversation with Sam

Yesterday I went to Sam’s place, my best friend of 20 years at least. When you are friends with someone for so long, the moment you enter home you go straight to the bedroom and lie down on her bed or go straight to the kitchen and start checking the pots and all. You both... Continue Reading →

Another avalanche

The maddening urge of dropping the mask pierce a needle through your heart You have to shut you rib cage and hold it in place Or you might explode into thousands shards Sometimes i feel like a cheat. Fraud. But what if your mask is a part of your skin. Stitched with painful experiences. Or... Continue Reading →

Inevitable Stages of Sharing

1st stage: Your pain is breaking news for everybody and you get all sorts of attention, sympathy, empathy, love and support, 2nd stage: You reveal more about yourself and people worry a little more for you as they know life hasn’t been very kind to you lately. Now they are more concerned and want to... Continue Reading →

Sharing the light

My Grandpa used to say, “whatever you give to this world will take a full round and return to you”.  I grew up to realize it was just another phony quote. Life wasn’t fair. Then I gradually learned it was actually true. The thing is we expect it to return from the same source/person. Like,... Continue Reading →

To survive another day..

All you need is..  - Food (well this is horrible example of food, but i only have picture of this) - A little bit of madness (yup! Had to. Or i would have died with anxiety) -And amazing friends... You guys and my 911 gang (wish i could show you idiotic selfie a member of... Continue Reading →

Fear or Aggression?

As strange as this may sound.. That day was as normal as any day of my life. As normal as breathing oxygen drinking water... I reached the exam center 45 minutes early. No, I am not talking about reporting time. I was there 45 minutes before reporting time. I found an empty bench in the... Continue Reading →

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