Complexity of Hero Complex

Me. Zazu i have hero complex Zazu. One more disease added to the list huh?? I more feather in the cap! Me. Its not a disease Zazu. Then what the fuck is that? Me. Its a problem i have Zazu. ANOTHER problem!! I wish you were born with a quota of problems there had to... Continue Reading →

Over Possessive Friend

The stay-away-from-my-master looks my friend's Friend used to give me whenever i visited her. And there were at least 5 6 more of them.... Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

Not an Ordinary Dog.

In school we were a group of three close friends. One of our Friend’s birthday would fall in summer vacation so we broke the tradition of giving birthday gifts. Instead we would do it on random days. One day Sam brought a beans stuffed turtle for the 3rd friend and told me she had seen... Continue Reading →

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