Babies’ definition of Edible!

This is our definition of Edible fit to be eaten (often used to contrast with unpalatable or poisonous varieties). “the shrub has small edible berries” synonyms: safe to eat, fit to eat, fit to be eaten, fit for human consumption, wholesome, good to eat, consumable, digestible, palatable, comestible And this is babies’ definition of edible Anything that look appetizing to ME!!. Anything and everything that…… Continue reading Babies’ definition of Edible!

Foodie level – SPACE!!!

We were relaxing in this dimly-lit cozy restaurant, waiting for our food to be served. Charlie Chaplin movie was playing on the TV. There’s something hypnotizing about silent movies, you don’t hear anything still you perfectly understand every frame. I adore interior of this place. It’s got wooden structure with rustic feel to it, and…… Continue reading Foodie level – SPACE!!!