Analysis! GC#14

We talked about this a few days back. I needed to watch my diet and adopt healthy eating habits and you all shared some really useful tips. Since analyzing the current situation is the first step of..everything?!? And knowing myself, I would hate myself if I didn't feel well-fed So, I starting tracking my current... Continue Reading →

Gym Chronicles # 10

Just came back from gym And I am so so thrilled. When I started I just knew dreadmill (treadmill, heard that today only and loved it) and stationary bike..could only use those. Now I can handle dreadmill, bike, elliptical, seated row bench (the thing I was talking about yesterday) and reverse incline bench…at different levels... Continue Reading →

Gym Chronicles # 5

hey guys! GCs again. It's definitely not couldn’t be Will tell you in a while.. Today, I opened the door of the gym and… Dang!! Usaina Boltie running proud in her athletic glory on a treadmill.. Hubba Hubba! Wait..did I sleep walked to another building?? This never happened before.. It was like Po looking... Continue Reading →

Gym Chronicles # 4

I really had to make an effort today. I am kinda mentally and emotionally stranded these days.. But.. I have a news! I lost 1 kg!!!! Yay!! Its not much. But given that I am not really following any diet and going to gym 4-5 days a week. And losing weight results from diet management... Continue Reading →

Gym Chronicles # 3

Hello hooomans! reporting live again. I know you were missing GCs. Been really busy lately. Mentally emotionaly physically Sometimes blank spaces occupy you and you feel busy when you are not. Sounds like depression..i know Well. So we are here. After skipping a day. I am wondering how people use trademill without drumming the crap... Continue Reading →

Gym chronicles #2

This is your fellow blogger Stoner. Reporting live from gymnasium of some building in UAE. I am cycling as i am reporting I see a family here finally. looks like they actually know what they are doing..unlike me.. They kinda look scared of me.. maybe just a little hasitant..maybe I suck at face reading. Damn... Continue Reading →

If Samsung HEALTH could speak…

Hello ma'am, you haven’t moved in ages. Have you stopped using this device?? Or you are dead?? Please take a few steps so that I know you exist. Welcome back!! 1000   steps …… good job! 5000   steps ..... almost there 6000   steps …… you have reached your daily steps target. Awesome! 9000   steps ....  good..... Continue Reading →

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