The Crow and The Window – #writephoto

“Keep yourself as busy as you can.”  Anne said in a hauntingly empty voice. The words sounded recorded and overplayed almost to the point they became devoid of emotions. She looked like a figurine sculpted to fit in that delicately carved rocking chair. Nobody could tell she wasn’t sleeping. On her feet Emma sat kneeling…… Continue reading The Crow and The Window – #writephoto

Shakespearean Window..#writephoto

She was returning from school. Her pace a cocktail of walking briskly, tip toeing, jogging and kicking random rocks, depending on her mood and magnitude of exhaustion. Her back hunched under the weight of abnormally heavy bag. She sometimes would look at donkey carts and shout, “there is no difference between me and you” followed…… Continue reading Shakespearean Window..#writephoto

Sanity Stuck in Shredder – #writephoto

She walked carefully measuring her every step into the long narrow passage Her eyes darting across the lines bordering the tiles she was walking on. They are not equal! she told herself. OCD started kicking in… Freeze that thought, this is not why you are here. Why is this passage so narrow… Thank God i…… Continue reading Sanity Stuck in Shredder – #writephoto

Life Draining Through Cracks

She looked down at the bustling city through the giant window. Tiny lights rushing to get somewhere under the exuberant colors of evening sky, curtesy of the beautiful sunset that drenched it in vivid and vivacious tones. Her clueless eyes aimlessly followed the flow of lights on the road while a Snippet of her brain…… Continue reading Life Draining Through Cracks

Little White Sundress

Her desolate eyes looked at the birds outside the window, telling them a million stories. These little gray marbles still wore the shine that wasn’t lost to years of neglect. She was sitting on a small stool that barely contained her but I guess it was still better than lying in rubble. Sounds of my…… Continue reading Little White Sundress

Under the God’s Spotlight

In the mysterious light of the fortnight sky She kept her shovel busy Digging deeper into the cold damp earth Winds playing with her messy hair Her hands hurting against the rough old wood She stopped.. Breathed hard.. And looked into the grave she burrowed using all her might She pulled out the ring from…… Continue reading Under the God’s Spotlight