Finally some light..πŸ™‚- Soft Pastels

For some reasons I stopped praying long ago and this is not something I am proud of. I just went into the state of despair where you stop asking and you start thinking ok this is life, this is how it is. People still remember me as somebody who used to pray regularly so whenever…… Continue reading Finally some light..πŸ™‚- Soft Pastels

Faith Restoring Transition

T​his is my favourite time of a day. You can’t help admire this beautiful farewell. The lights from the sky blend with the street lights, the fireflies of the earth. A transition that sprinkles water on your fainting faith.. The One who can do this….can do anything! Copyright Β© 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved…… Continue reading Faith Restoring Transition