Which one is a dream???

You are sleeping on the bed of roses The soft scent of damp petals untangling your nerves The gentle touch comforting you Drifting you to valleys never traveled You are sinking deep When a Ghoulish demon attacks you He blows and burns the roses with his pungent breath And charges towards you You freeze in stupor…… Continue reading Which one is a dream???

How to Butcher Dreams?

Best way to butcher anybody’s dreams??? Tell them they are not possible.. Or they clash with the norms.. Dignify your tyranny with your sovereignty… Burry them in the diamond studded casket of culture.. Nail it with your honey-sweet lies.. Adorn it with casket spray of fresh peace lilies.. Prove enormity of your character yet again..…… Continue reading How to Butcher Dreams?

Ridiculers become Rooters!

Our mind is a magic canvas And we are equipped with every medium possible To Create anything Therefore imagination is limitless… Free and fearless… Like an unleashed horse A mighty eagle An arrogant tigress A merciless shark A poised dancing peacock A fierce dragon A flowing river, ..that carves its way tearing through rocks.. Then…… Continue reading Ridiculers become Rooters!