Rain From Clear Blue Sky

I was shiver and shaking again Pelted by lies and deceit It was an uncontrollable fit My bones hurt I was falling apart Until finally The sleep embraced me Before my final collapse Somebody had to save me right? I woke up a stranger A new person A new world A new life A blank... Continue Reading →

To fight it, live, or fix it??

Every morning I wake up and go through all of my wound and bruises. It’s a ritual that I hate following. But I still do. I wish I stop one day. Every morning when I am still in bed I revisit all my loses or they revisit me.. It’s the same pattern every time. I... Continue Reading →

Barbed Wires

As I coiled Carefully These barbed wires Around me Preparing myself like a sadist For the inevitable tragedy I kept folding and wrapping Until, I couldn’t see my body And then I waited for the roaring doom To crash on me, ruthlessly The circle was closing in And it was impossible to flee I knew... Continue Reading →


And then I was in the same abyss again Suspended… Hugging my knees Terrified.. Heart hammering in my chest Restless... Struggling to breathe Smothered.. Sweating and shivering in pain Hurt.. Slowly consumed by the silence Alone... Dying to hear your voice Helpless... Hating and harming my self Defeated... My gaze still cemented on the door... Continue Reading →


How many ear-splitting screams does it take to go mute?? Then they say i am aloof.. Stifle Copyright © 2018 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

Roller Coaster

It’s a beautiful misty morning. Your hands stuffed in your pockets as you walk slicing the fog around you. The only sound hitting your ear drums is of your medicated slippers touching the damp road. Indignation on your mind, grief crushing your heart still you have a faint smile on your lips as you have... Continue Reading →

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