In conversation with Dad.

Me:    Salam daddu Dad:  Walaimumasaalaaaaaamm Me:   This tells me you are have no idea how happy I am to know that.. Dad:  Ahahah..hows stoner Me:   Stoner is good having breakfast.. (it was like 12.30 pm but dad wasn’t surprised) Me: you know whats a drip coffee? Dad: Umm .. no.... Continue Reading →


“Abbu!! We are getting late” I shouted from the hall. “Just two minutes,” he answered in his most relaxed tone. I could hear water running from his bathroom. “What?? Don’t tell me!!! You will shower and get dressed in 2 minutes??? How can you possibly squeeze all of that in two minutes?? You are not... Continue Reading →


Charsiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!! I heard my dad’s voice and next thing I knew I was running to the hall, where he was preparing himself for his routine news hunt with his stationary and bundles of English, Urdu and Sindhi newspapers, adjusting his glasses on his nose, looking all serious.  I sat on the couch across the room.... Continue Reading →

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