Little stoney reached 3000 followers mark today. First 2 thousands were fast, this one took effort!Last year was crazy, wait..correction, THIS year is crazy!!Last year was just busy, so it took a while to get here.I feel like I was a child when I started this blog. I have come so far the beginning looks... Continue Reading →

A Dreadful Trip #WritePhoto

They said travel and you will be all right. Just like suggestions about sorceries like eating healthy, socializing, working out and so on. So here I was, looking out on a stream of water gushing out of rocks with its all might only to end up in a small dark pond. Lovely fresh air that... Continue Reading →

I’m a Poet, Buy My Book!

Guess who’s idea is this? Charles Bukowski!! There’s a clip I saw some time back where he goes to a store in his neighborhood and strikes a casual conversation with a lady. When she asked her what he did, he told her “I’m a poet, buy my book”. Well, here I’m informing you guy about... Continue Reading →

O Raven..

O raven in the sky Come sit with me, don't be shy What did we do to earn this fate Why no one hears, when we cry Are we too blue, or are we too black Why can't they see us, tell me why! I'm tired of non-stop flight, I feel like giving up, I... Continue Reading →

Another day..

And here I am Sitting in the midst of chaos again Air laced with aroma Of freshly roasted coffee A mosiac of mutilated melodies Playing in the backgrounds again A lost battle Between cacophony and flute I am scribbling My pleasure and pain Or just filling This little yellow paper With empty meaningless words again... Continue Reading →

Felt like talking..

One of those days when I just want to talk. And i have been talking non-stop past few days. it's insane Hate to admit at one point I had to take xanax. I just hate to admit and I dont recommend it at all its just that I was going out of control. It was... Continue Reading →

Help me..

Help me shred My straight jacket It's suffocating me Scratch me with rusty nails Strip me off my skin It's driving me crazy Pull apart my flesh Untill you see my bare bones Shaking with fright Dismantle my bones Then crush me In your mortar of oppression The burn me to ashes Blow em into... Continue Reading →

Poetry rants

Grab your popcorns guys here comes another humongous avalanche of rants. So, since I was working on my poetry book and was getting all serious about publishing I have been researching on it. When you plan to self-publish your book it’s advisable that you reach out to your potential customers. Now I am not a... Continue Reading →

Insta-poetry update

Let me share Instagram version of my poems. All images and poems I have already posted here so I am squeezing all of them in one post. How's it guys?? ... Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Mess on Paper

I did something embarrassingly nerdy yesterday. Before that let me tell you about the accident that happened 2 days back. My phone fell in the bath tub.. Yea.. And it died. Well, when such things happen first thing you should do is try not to have a heart attack. I took it out within seconds... Continue Reading →

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