Insta-poetry update

Let me share Instagram version of my poems. All images and poems I have already posted here so I am squeezing all of them in one post. How’s it guys?? … Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so…… Continue reading Insta-poetry update

A Beautiful Mess on Paper

I did something embarrassingly nerdy yesterday. Before that let me tell you about the accident that happened 2 days back. My phone fell in the bath tub.. Yea.. And it died. Well, when such things happen first thing you should do is try not to have a heart attack. I took it out within seconds…… Continue reading A Beautiful Mess on Paper

E-Publishing, Insta-Poetry and Other Gibberish..

Either you succumb to life or you desperately look for some way to survive. I chose the latter. It’s not easy. It’s petrifying to say the least. It’s an internal world war between all your fears. But I if I see myself 5 years into future.. I don’t regret choosing to fight even if I…… Continue reading E-Publishing, Insta-Poetry and Other Gibberish..

As little as a chuckle.

Have you watched shawshank redemption?? This shouldn’t even be a question. Every living organism on planet earth have seen this movie. I am not kidding. Go ask a tree and it will break into tears. The word obtuse reminded me of that.  No no..not because of actual movie.. because of family guy version of it.…… Continue reading As little as a chuckle.