How to sail through a disaster like a boss!! Ok!! 5 ways to..

Apparently I am going through an alarming natural high that normally hits people in depression. after this you hit a dangerous low. That's what Sam the champ says. Dad was suddenly too happy before going manic. Hope it's not that. Another friend says its not. Well! I am going through some serious calamity. Don’t really want... Continue Reading →

Waking up slowly..

A new day. Continuation of the same old shit. When a cargo train full of brand new information hits you, you can’t process anything. And if you don’t get a chance to process the whole thing turns into a huge tangled mess. I have been in a horribly dark dense place. I have never experiences... Continue Reading →

Overlapping Emotions

Back to coffee, window, anxiety .. life.. If I am having random cute little anxiety attacks and I am obsessing over the view from my window… this means I am moving towards my safe secure cave. A mental space that I constructed to keep myself sane…now sanity is one thing I have started doubting. I... Continue Reading →


Ok people I woke up much much better! Alot hyper though..but its ok..hyper is fine hyper is just me. I have always been hyper its numbness that freaks me out There something magical about eternal sunshine, please watch it I highly recommend it! I wrote it review ->Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.. well..... Continue Reading →


Okay Enough of sulking Get up! Get up right now!! So friends, do you know me?? Do you know how long it took me to crawl and drag my lifeless body out of a the darkest deepest pit possible?? 1 and a half year! Yes every minute every second for 1 and a half year... Continue Reading →

There is something I learned second time in life, this very same year. And it’s important so I thought why not share it with you guys. We cannot imprison our heart. Sometimes letting it wander free is better that trying to chain it. When mom left, my brother had exam next day and he studied... Continue Reading →

Something about charcoal.

There’s something about charcoal… its dust settles into your own darkness which is therapeutic for some odd reason. Drawing, smudging, layering, erasing the blackness pulls you into another world of gloom and tranquility. I realized why I am obsessed with charcoal, it lets you play with darkness. And darkness is undeniable. It exists in your... Continue Reading →

A sad pathetic joke.

My life is a sad pathetic joke. An excruciating tragicomedy, mocking me in my face. Today is my birthday. My 30th birthday. Today it’s been 1 whole week without mom. I can’t say without mom as we all feel her presence as if she will appear from any door in her healthy form with some... Continue Reading →

Something strange

There’s something strange about loss and grief. Please don’t get me wrong here. Bear with me. It will take time to sink in. And it’s a long post and it might get sad, so you can totally avoid it if you want to. Today my sister called and we both were discussing our plans how... Continue Reading →

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