After the storm..

Ok people I really wan tto share alot of things with you guys so grab your popcorns. A small bag would be enough. Last few months have been very hard on me. Well I think I have been saying this since 2 years now. Anyway. So last 2 months I saw ugliest faces of people…… Continue reading After the storm..

E-Publishing, Insta-Poetry and Other Gibberish..

Either you succumb to life or you desperately look for some way to survive. I chose the latter. It’s not easy. It’s petrifying to say the least. It’s an internal world war between all your fears. But I if I see myself 5 years into future.. I don’t regret choosing to fight even if I…… Continue reading E-Publishing, Insta-Poetry and Other Gibberish..

Crawling out of the dark tunnels

Yesterday was riddled with crippling fear. We all get nightmares but there are very few of them that make you scream in sleep. And when it involves your loved ones it’s nearly impossible to deal with it. For hours I was shaking. 10 hours I was constantly fighting the fear trying in vain to at…… Continue reading Crawling out of the dark tunnels