Blessed and grateful

Guess what happened guys. I was zoning out, on and off with happens to me something in my head starts to switch off.. And i got a call..i missed that first one..then i got another call.. It was from zazu. My first did he know?? How do they always know??? Without me saying... Continue Reading →

Are you scared of yourself??

Warning: if you are in a happy romantic mood please avoid this post.. First text of the day was from sam “i love you, happy valentines day, don’t sulk and eat chocolates” When you have been best friends with somebody for 20 years they know when and what to say to you. They just know... Continue Reading →

Shrinking Memory Quota!

I saw Finite and my mind drifted to “infinite jest”. now where did I hear that??? The movie the end of a tour” awesome movie! That reminds me I had to write a review of this movie because I really liked it… That was my plan like gazillion months ago… when I hadn’t started exploring... Continue Reading →

Helplessness that lead to Rejuvenation.

The journey we take to reach adulthood pretty much takes away our innocent smile, our carefree attitude, our stupid mistakes, our sharp wit, that ever-flickering spark of madness from us. The courage we had when we used to fall down, get up, dust ourselves and start running again. Our craziest dreams which made us believe... Continue Reading →

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