Sketching in kitchen – charcoal sketch

Wanted to rough practice on meddling hint if colour with charcoal like a work I did some time back. And what better place than kitchen when you are cooking for a family of 10. Invited a big family for dinner and have shit load of work and still felt like sketching or I could die..I... Continue Reading →

Smile – black & white charcoal

Sometimes words are just not required.. .. Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire. Copyright © 2018 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

Untitled Again..- Charcoal Sketch

I just took a little break from screen and reading..for few hours..that's my Everest. but I had to be doing something besides my usual chores. so here it is.. it's untitled day I am going to sit and give titles to all of my work...hopefully soon.. And oh i followed a youtube tutorial for... Continue Reading →

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