Killing floor- Lee Child

I just read my first Lee Child Book - Killing Floor. As it’s his debut novel and this is where character of Jack Reacher was introduced, therefore I thought this is perfect book to begin exploring the work of this highly recommended author. Another reason, this book made it to almost every top-50, top-100 thriller (novels)... Continue Reading →

Suggestion Box

Hey everyone! I am in a fix here..umm..a little.. When I write about books/movies I avoid writing technical details as I assume they are readily available once you hit Google. Secondly I avoid giving story. As a lot readers might not have read/watched it already and this could spoil their first hand experience. I prefer... Continue Reading →

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Just read another infamous work which has been always mentioned as a must-read book. It’s "The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka" My first thought?? Kafka is a genius!!! If I try to sum up my thoughts in one line it would be something like:  Your esteem, your worth, your dreams, your entire world comes crashing down... Continue Reading →

The Old Man and the Sea- Earnest Hemingway

Today was dedicated to the celebrated work of Ernest Hemingway “The Old Man and the Sea”. As we have grown up admiring Hemingway quotes every now and then and this work of his is considered to be cornerstone of him being awarded Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954, this book naturally became the first Hemingway’s... Continue Reading →

The Hunt Continues…

Today was the day-2 of treasure hunt. I grab my want-to-read list and went to look for more books with my brother. We couldn’t even tour half of the place. It was huge ground with stalls loaded with books. The bells in temple of my bookaholic mind started to Jangle in melodic rhythm. The trip... Continue Reading →

Animal Farm- George Orwell

I finished reading "Animal Farm" by George Orwell last night. It took me 3 days… yes… this thin 112- page novella took me 3 days to finish not because I am a slow reader, but because I couldn’t help relating every word to the world we live in today and the way it has been... Continue Reading →

Lost and found!

Today is a good day...a happy day! I found 2 precious things that i lost long ago and i gave up on getting them back. I made my goodreads account in 2009 and i used to use it regularly. Then i kinda got busy with life and studies and something went wrong. I lost my... Continue Reading →

Treasure Hunt.

Shopping for books is nothing less than a treasure hunt for me and I mean it! I hardly buy from books stores. Most of the books that grace my shelves are bought from old books stalls. These stalls are situated by the road-side in quite a few locations and have huge stocks of pre-loved books... Continue Reading →

Help!! Shelf is hungry!

My shelf is craving for books these days and i am on the hunt. So i thought why don't i get help from my fellow bloggers who  i assume are Commited readers too. I would really appreciate if you tell me your 3 to 5 favorite books in comments. The books can belong to any... Continue Reading →

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