Favourite Place – WPC

I have been procastinating for so long that i almost reach the end..the challenge ends tomorow.. I have done alot of outdoors photography recently but at any given day my Favorite Place is my home. Where i am comfortable. And at home after my bed and couch my favourite place is my window. I know…… Continue reading Favourite Place – WPC


Went out last night Ran my gaze Over midnight sky Segregated by unruffled ocean By a thin line Of fairy lights.. I saw strangers Many of them Dark random Silhouettes Of walking, talking Breathing stories I didn’t dare go near Didn’t dare see their faces Maybe, I was scared Of their secret stories Or maybe…… Continue reading Silhouettes..

Evanescent..Just like Fireworks!

From the moment I read Evanescent I can feel everything around me fading away.. Just like fireworks. They Ascend into the sky and brighten the whole sky in vibrant colors and vanish into darkness of the night.. Let me share with you some memories of the most amazing fireworks I ever got to witness. It…… Continue reading Evanescent..Just like Fireworks!