Anxiety and Rage

"Anxiety is like a beautiful but intense energy, if we channel it positively we can end up with something brilliant, otherwise it starts to destroy everything", I told a teenage girl who talks to me when she needs someone. We talk about anxiety a lot. And what was it like when I was her age.... Continue Reading →

Sobs of Torment #poetry

Sobs of torment Sink into pillows Burn in rage Like a wild dragon Growing mighty With every cry As every tear Feed the anger And.. With hate Bubbling in heart And vengece Brimming in eyes She waits... For the moment Her wings are strong To take a flight And wreack a hevoc For demons Who... Continue Reading →

Aggression #NaPoWriMo 2018 #AtoZChallenge

The menacing lion pacing in his cell Whipping the stale air Huffing in rage Eyes set on flames Scratches the Dormant walls in vain Leaving marks of his torment On his eternal confinement He lurches to the iron bars With immense force Anticipating some reaction from the audience That stood at a distance Enjoying the... Continue Reading →

The anxious battle for sanity..

It's 1.30 am here.. I am pacing in my hall.. Listening to birdman soundtrack.. the anxious battle for sanity.. I love this movie...and the drums are out of this world I stand on my tarrace and look around.. And i see lights.. The universe submerged in lights.. Everything is emitting its own luminosity .. That... Continue Reading →

Fear or Aggression?

As strange as this may sound.. That day was as normal as any day of my life. As normal as breathing oxygen drinking water... I reached the exam center 45 minutes early. No, I am not talking about reporting time. I was there 45 minutes before reporting time. I found an empty bench in the... Continue Reading →

Mental Solitary Confinement.

There are times when we suddenly get a news and it triggers all kinds of negative emotions in us… anger, sadness, fear, despair and what not.. And in some cases anxiety..panic attack..and other mental conditions. If you are temperamental, your own vulnerability chases you like your shadow. So any news can activate a volcano in... Continue Reading →

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