One day A million pending errands Mystic expectations from Dad Unrealistic deadlines from bosses Of assignments, fantastic What do I do With a day half perished Do I do something artistic Or follow the laundry list And make it choristic I had to go shopping Which I hate Stylistic friends are busy And I’m lazy... Continue Reading →

Random but very important

To talk about mental health is one thing. To suffer from a mental health problem is other. But to live or deal with someone who has it is another personal little battle we have in our minds, which can be really hard to win at times. With a lot of sudden changes at home (all... Continue Reading →

When will it get easier?

My post-vaccine era of absolute joy is over. The glorious days when my head didn’t have other worries and I was focused on art and writing, came to a sudden halt throwing me off the vehicle straight through wind shield. This reminds me of hitman’s body guard scene.. watch it people, watch it! Well Back... Continue Reading →

Disoriented 🙃

I saw this notification: My watchlist? Are you kidding me? When did I set up that! Oh that was last year, or maybe few months back... can't remember. And last time I was trading on a demo account my stocks nosedived like this... I got this notification, when my hands were unpacking another box, my... Continue Reading →

Adulting Pains

When you look at a cockroach for too long a point comes you can feel it crawling on you with its whole family its like a family picnic. I can't be alone in this. Digging out stuff you need from 20+ cartons is an annoying spine-hurting treasure hunt. And guess what I haven't found yet.... Continue Reading →

Just adult life thing I guess..

I know I'm busy when I have pen and sticky notes in close range. When I'm running around like a headless chicken sticking notes on random doors and filling them in between my endless marathon. But then suddenly someone hits the brake and life freezes. The enertia throws me to the outer space. And now... Continue Reading →

Cleaning makes me rich!

My dad isn't joking when he says my money lays eggs. I remember one time when we were in the middle of a financial decision and I was short of some money. I went to my room and started cleaning. And returned to dad with a small treasure of coins and bills of all colours... Continue Reading →

I miss myself..

Have you ever faced a mirror and still felt you are not looking at yourself. Because you have lost a huge part of you. Growing up this happens to all of us. We lose others and ourselves. We try to hold on to our life. Survive. But that somewhere means we keep moulding so that... Continue Reading →

30 Life Lessons – Part 3

Continued from: 30 life lessons – Part 1 30 Life Lessons- Part 2 21. You should be able to live on your own. By 30 you are old enough to be able to cook iron your cloths, do laundry, clean your home and all. Even if you can afford help/maids etc. You should at least... Continue Reading →

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