Untitled- Colour Pencils

had a busy day..and here is what kept me busy.. I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish it in a day as I did it with color pencils and it was tiring and very intimidating. I took help from a youtube tutorial to understand the colors and shading the image is my own idea.…… Continue reading Untitled- Colour Pencils

Silence – Soft Pastels

Today I started new experiment, I had drawn a rough sketch for a long time back. But as always, I ended up with something entirely different . And it was a very different feeling this time. I don’t even know how to explain it. I felt silence. It wasn’t scary. Nothing close to serenity either.…… Continue reading Silence – Soft Pastels

Blending Bliss – Soft Pastels

Yesterday I started another experiment to shrug off negativity the little devils keep whispering in my ears, instilling all sorts of insecurities. This is where we left it yesterday ( A Pleasant Day)… Today I got up and in between doing breakfast taped the sheet on the window again and pulled out a few soft…… Continue reading Blending Bliss – Soft Pastels

Enchanting Transformation- Pastels-WPC

Sometimes i surprise myself. This is one of those times. There comes a point in our lives when we have this gushing urge to rediscover ourselves. For many of us this happens after leading a monotonous life for years, and for the rest of us set-backs completely derail us from our usual track and rediscovering…… Continue reading Enchanting Transformation- Pastels-WPC