O Brother Where Art Thou?

I watched “O brother where art thou” last night and today “Farce” popped-up in word prompt. Perfect timing! If you haven’t watched this movie already, this should be the next thing you are watching. Its hilarious journey of 3 prisoners from escaping from chain gang to becoming immensely popular “Soggy bottom boys”. The way life…… Continue reading O Brother Where Art Thou?

Anxiety – A Battle With Invisible Demon

As May is observed as Mental Health Month, I would like to give my two cents on anxiety based on my own experience. I have steroids induced anxiety. I have been on steroids and immunosuppressant for autoimmune and that revved-up my brain. I was already a restive person by nature. I used to wash my…… Continue reading Anxiety – A Battle With Invisible Demon

Crazy Stupid Hospitality!

My family is weirdly over-hospitable, specially my parents. Everybody knows where to go when they are hungry for some home-cooked food. Sounds sweet right?? Then how can it be weird?? Well… when we have guests, feeding them till their eyes start popping out becomes my parent’s ultimate goal. They can go to ridiculous lengths to…… Continue reading Crazy Stupid Hospitality!