Complexity of Hero Complex

Me. Zazu i have hero complex Zazu. One more disease added to the list huh?? I more feather in the cap! Me. Its not a disease Zazu. Then what the fuck is that? Me. Its a problem i have Zazu. ANOTHER problem!! I wish you were born with a quota of problems there had to…… Continue reading Complexity of Hero Complex

Ask for help. (Suicide)

Life needs major amendments and up-gradations in our perspective every now and then. We can’t spend our entire life deceiving ourselves that we know what everyone is going through. Our opinions shouldn’t be set in stone. So 2 months back when Chester Bennington left, I wrote a post on Suicide. I request you all to…… Continue reading Ask for help. (Suicide)


Ladies and gentlemen! here comes an avalanche of rants and life lessons of a soon-to-be-30 woman. Brace yourselves. You have been warned (read this in Liam Neeson’s voice) The rest you can read in your original voice. I will load and shoot. I am in no mood of making any amends for anybody’s preferences today,…… Continue reading Me!!