Monet-ish Sky #SquareSky again..   When i captured this picture i was lost for a long long time…. Couldn’t stop doting at it. I felt this resonates with the works of Artist Oscar-Claude Monet,  founder of French Impressionist painting. I recently randomly skimmed through Theory of art movements. Even though impressionism doesn’t resonate with my personality. The…… Continue reading Monet-ish Sky #SquareSky

Just Few Words

Life.. This imprisonment Result of a flawed verdict Announced under spell Of venomous ignorance Shoved into hollows Of terrorizing murkiness.. And then there are these words.. Voyaging on the wings of light Of utter brilliance And mystifying Elegance Tearing through the darkness Illuminating the chasms Of unnerving melancholy Just few words… Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All…… Continue reading Just Few Words

Too Numb

Had a long mind-numbing day When you are brimming with pain..yours..and others.. Nothing i read or write or see is making sense.. Here’s a picture of Dubai’s needle for you guys. I know that came out of the blue. But i had an appointment today. Took this picture on the way. This is what i…… Continue reading Too Numb

Sanity Stuck in Shredder – #writephoto

She walked carefully measuring her every step into the long narrow passage Her eyes darting across the lines bordering the tiles she was walking on. They are not equal! she told herself. OCD started kicking in… Freeze that thought, this is not why you are here. Why is this passage so narrow… Thank God i…… Continue reading Sanity Stuck in Shredder – #writephoto