Wound that gave way to the Light

“The wound is the place where the light enters you”-Jalaluddin Rumi I lost a loved one recently. Somebody I shared the purest, most unconditional love with. For an indefinite period of time I had terrible brain-fog. All my life I feared this moment. I always thought what am I going to do if he is…… Continue reading Wound that gave way to the Light

Helplessness that lead to Rejuvenation.

The journey we take to reach adulthood pretty much takes away our innocent smile, our carefree attitude, our stupid mistakes, our sharp wit, that ever-flickering spark of madness from us. The courage we had when we used to fall down, get up, dust ourselves and start running again. Our craziest dreams which made us believe…… Continue reading Helplessness that lead to Rejuvenation.