Tuberose Aroma Therapy

Some fragrances have calming properties in them. That’s why people rave about aroma therapies. They can infiltrate our minds and start comforting our exhausted souls. They can untangle the knots of mental chaos that we knit in our heads on daily basis. White flowers have some miraculous effect on my anxious self. Be it jasmine,…… Continue reading Tuberose Aroma Therapy

Crazy Childhood Memories

I have whole treasure trunk of crazy childhood memories in my head. I grew up in an apartment building. The project consisted of 250 units and it had a huge compound in the centre; we treated that as our play ground. The moment clock would hit 9 pm mark, all of us would start gathering…… Continue reading Crazy Childhood Memories

How to kill a flying cockroach!

Blanket resonates with something that embraces you and protects you. Who knew it could be used as a weapon. Before you imagine me strangling somebody with a blanket let me explain please. One fine day I heard my sister shriek… “FLYINGGGGGG COCKROACHHHH!!!!!!!” …..and the day wasn’t fine anymore! Me:   What!!! Where?? Where?? Did you see…… Continue reading How to kill a flying cockroach!

Rules of an Unbreakable Bond

Let me introduce my best friend Sam today. It’s important now as she will be mentioned numerous times here. We met in school when we were in 5th grade and in a class full of bullies and little politicians we were a tad bit different. We were philosophers. We had different thought process so we…… Continue reading Rules of an Unbreakable Bond