Story of My LIFE!

Taper Ahhahah This is so painfully funny!! I read it and I went like….story of my life!!! Well Guys as you all might know by now I have autoimmune so the medication used to treat me were immune-suppressants like imuran (azathioprine), cellcept (mycophenolat) and….. ….you guessed it already right??? THE DEVILS TIC TACS! Aka prednosone/prednisolone/gupisone…… Continue reading Story of My LIFE!

Order returns!

I was waiting across these carts on the entrance of a mall. Took a few pictures to make sure the Order isn’t disturbed by passersby…and they wouldn’t think i am some creepy detective hired to keep an eye on them. I dont think they would buy “i am doing this for my blog”

It’s not about winning!

Triumph Why don’t I feel weight of this word? It looks intense Why can’t I hear drums and orchestra? Why don’t I feel adrenaline rush? No goosebumps? No racing heart ? No ecstasy? Not a single memory of broad smile.. Deep dimples and tears of joy…? How can this feel so insubstantial? I have been…… Continue reading It’s not about winning!