Order returns!

I was waiting across these carts on the entrance of a mall. Took a few pictures to make sure the Order isn’t disturbed by passersby…and they wouldn’t think i am some creepy detective hired to keep an eye on them. I dont think they would buy “i am doing this for my blog”

It’s not about winning!

Triumph Why don’t I feel weight of this word? It looks intense Why can’t I hear drums and orchestra? Why don’t I feel adrenaline rush? No goosebumps? No racing heart ? No ecstasy? Not a single memory of broad smile.. Deep dimples and tears of joy…? How can this feel so insubstantial? I have been…… Continue reading It’s not about winning!

Most Bizarre Interview EVER!

So. I was telling you guys about my first interview. Here is the link of previous post about it; Crisp! But you can just read this one too it will still make sense. Are all the conference rooms this dead silent?? I was having a conversation with the genius ME! There was haunting silence in the…… Continue reading Most Bizarre Interview EVER!

The Boomerang Kindness Is!

Somewhere juggling between success, culture and religion we are leaving behind the most essential element of human behavior…KINDNESS! It saddens me when I look at people who are so rigid about their traditions you won’t find a hint of suppleness in their tone when they talk about it. Do they realize what impression they are…… Continue reading The Boomerang Kindness Is!