Under The Tuscan Sun – Movie Review (and something about noses)

Since I'm binging on movies an unhealthy amount and not really doing any quality blogging, how about I do some reviews? Not exactly review, more like sharing my feelings about the movie. Because this blog is all about feelings, and mostly confusing ones. And that's what reviews are I guess. Well Let's dive in So... Continue Reading →

Gym Chronicles # 12

You look at your friend looking suuuper hot for the first time in life and something hits you like a bus. And next moment you are freaking out..dude where is my gym!! That bus is jealously btw but sometimes it helps you. Pushing you to the other side of that dreaded gym door that's polished... Continue Reading →

Sad metamorphosis

Do you feel pushed to the edge where you can sense you are turning into a heartless demon. When you feel you can't always try to fight bad with good. I can feel tremors in my soul. I can feel the sad and painful metamorphosis that's triggered when you have to break your own rigid... Continue Reading →

Insta-poetry update

Let me share Instagram version of my poems. All images and poems I have already posted here so I am squeezing all of them in one post. How's it guys?? ... Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so... Continue Reading →

Who loves shopping??

Who says shopping is fun?? I need to meet that person and ask ..how?? 7 hours in a mall and I think i am losing memory now. I have selfdiagnosed 4 5 new deceased, hearing problem making to the top of the list. Now I always had trouble finding direction and malls here are like... Continue Reading →

Gibberish… as usual

Seriously how do you guys read after a title like that..well..thank you for being so supportive. I have been insanely busy last few days. As I didn't have phone and I just informed those 5 close friends of mine, besides you all obviously. As family wasn't really in contact I didnt tell them too. Still... Continue Reading →

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