Swinging Sanity Got Featured!!

My book got featured on following book promotion websites! http://bookangel.co.uk/blog/swinging-sanity/ https://bookoftheday.org/special-offers/   https://itswritenow.com/142664/swinging-sanity/ ... Try promoting your books there. I submitted to a lot of them.. I guess at least 10 of them. I am so happy! And before I forget thank to Lee Hall for giving me this link to all these websites, https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/18738079-complete-list-of-free-promo-sites... Continue Reading →

I’m a Poet, Buy My Book!

Guess who’s idea is this? Charles Bukowski!! There’s a clip I saw some time back where he goes to a store in his neighborhood and strikes a casual conversation with a lady. When she asked her what he did, he told her “I’m a poet, buy my book”. Well, here I’m informing you guy about... Continue Reading →

Final Email List Request & Thank You!

Building an email list through sending invites is an exhausting process indeed, but the result is worth the effort. Today the professional of marketing is riddled with unethical yet legal business practices just to generate leads and sales. And professional cross legal boundaries at any change they get. I’m not even exaggerating. The success generated... Continue Reading →

Paperback Pre-launch Update!

I just enrolled my book in kdp select. Even though it doesn't seem to be ideal choice for my book but for free book promotion and self-islolation everywhere, it felt like a good idea if swinging sanity was more accessible. Ebook will be available for free this weekend (that's the plan for now). Along with... Continue Reading →

Attention new (relatively) followers!

People who started following this blog somewhere in last year (from feb 2019 to present), kindly check your spam messages and emails. I have been sending invites for my email list to your comments section or through contact form, and a lot of them are landing in your spam messages. Kindly do check. It looks... Continue Reading →


I was making tea and leaves had come to boil. It was time to add milk. I opened fridge pulled out coconut milk and start pouring with full confidence. It didn't take time to hit me it was clear not white. So I put it back and took out milk carton and went on to... Continue Reading →

KDP problems and suggestions

In my last posting was worried about unavailability of my book in my own homeland. Repetitions of problem cant help but my dear blog friends came up with a few suggestions. First of all I will publish through amazon and maybe maybe it will be available. Even though they have said it multiple times but... Continue Reading →


They say staying busy helps, listen to them. They are absolutely right! I'm rotating in a infinite loop of sending myself into overdrive and getting overwhelmed. But that saves me from being a super-shitty person (I think). Well. Sending invites for email list to everyone who added my within last 1 year. I know its... Continue Reading →

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