Suggestion Box

Hey everyone! I am in a fix here..umm..a little.. When I write about books/movies I avoid writing technical details as I assume they are readily available once you hit Google. Secondly I avoid giving story. As a lot readers might not have read/watched it already and this could spoil their first hand experience. I prefer…… Continue reading Suggestion Box

The Big Lebowski

My expressions throughout this movie.. Ahahaha..poor guy tch tch tch WTF??…ahaha NOOOO! … Ahaha I am so gonna use this line 😀 WHAT?? Ahahaha….ahahah What even..??..Ahahaa No kidding! Ahaha NO WALTER!!!! And this line too..:D Poor Dude! Ahaha AHAHAHAHAH C’mon Walter! Seriously??? Good narration! What did I just watch??? Did the movie go Adrift or my…… Continue reading The Big Lebowski

O Brother Where Art Thou?

I watched “O brother where art thou” last night and today “Farce” popped-up in word prompt. Perfect timing! If you haven’t watched this movie already, this should be the next thing you are watching. Its hilarious journey of 3 prisoners from escaping from chain gang to becoming immensely popular “Soggy bottom boys”. The way life…… Continue reading O Brother Where Art Thou?

Carpe Diem – Dead Poets Society

Just finished watching movie “Dead Poets Society” and I am truly madly deeply in love. The movie itself is poetry that starts flowing in your veins. You smile you cry you miss yourself. You start thinking about how many opportunities you have already missed and what can you seize today. This masterpiece shows how pressures…… Continue reading Carpe Diem – Dead Poets Society