Monet-ish Sky again.. When i captured this picture i was lost for a long long time…. Couldn’t stop doting at it. I felt this resonates with the works of Artist Oscar-Claude Monet,  founder of French Impressionist painting. I recently randomly skimmed through Theory of art movements. Even though impressionism doesn’t resonate with my personality. The work…… Continue reading Monet-ish Sky

Just Few Words

Life.. This imprisonment Result of a flawed verdict Announced under spell Of venomous ignorance Shoved into hollows Of terrorizing murkiness.. And then there are these words.. Voyaging on the wings of light Of utter brilliance And mystifying Elegance Tearing through the darkness Illuminating the chasms Of unnerving melancholy Just few words… Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All…… Continue reading Just Few Words

Nature’s Sorcery

If i tell you my favorite place to sit is any piece of furniture facing my window, you wont be surprised. Window obsession isn’t new. In my childhood home i insisted to sleep in drawing room, lying on a mattress that i lovingly placed in the exact centre of the room every night. And then…… Continue reading Nature’s Sorcery