Inevitable Stages of Sharing

1st stage: Your pain is breaking news for everybody and you get all sorts of attention, sympathy, empathy, love and support, 2nd stage: You reveal more about yourself and people worry a little more for you as they know life hasn’t been very kind to you lately. Now they are more concerned and want to…… Continue reading Inevitable Stages of Sharing

Illusion of perfection

Illusion of perfection..A mirage.. How easy it is to call things perfect. Somebody’s life perfect. People perfect. The other day my friend said “I was perfect and look what happened to me” and all I could do was look at her dumbfounded, as she was in great distress already. But it was running in my…… Continue reading Illusion of perfection

The anxious battle for sanity..

It’s 1.30 am here.. I am pacing in my hall.. Listening to birdman soundtrack.. the anxious battle for sanity.. I love this movie…and the drums are out of this world I stand on my tarrace and look around.. And i see lights.. The universe submerged in lights.. Everything is emitting its own luminosity .. That…… Continue reading The anxious battle for sanity..

The Feral- Charcoal Drawing

I completed this drawing yesterday. When you try to grab random flying images in your head and merge them you end up with something like this…I decided to name it “The Feral”. And when you try to write something about your such drawing you end up with 4 incomplete posts on the same subject… and…… Continue reading The Feral- Charcoal Drawing