Paterson – Movie Chatter

Since we are just trying to take a break from reality this movie, Paterson, turned out to be of great help. It's a week in the life of a bus driver named Paterson, played by Adam Driver. Who gets to hear stories and random bits of conversations of whoever crosses his life. You can feel... Continue Reading →

Isle of Dogs- Movie Chatter

Remember the time when we would talk about books and movies here?? Eons ago we did! But then blog picked pace and a lot of things took a backseat. So yesterday I watched this animated movie “isle of dogs”, released in March, April 2018. It’s written, produced and directed by Wes Anderson, just like “The... Continue Reading →

The Dressmaker-Movie

I watched “the dressmaker” last night and…. …I have not seen anything like this yet. It gives a strong message. Something I believe in and talk about a lot but the portrayal of the same in a story is just marvelous and deserves a standing ovation. It’s about a woman Tilly (Kate Winslet) who was... Continue Reading →

Fight Club

Well my insomnia made a block buster come back last night… Thanks to this guy-> Nitesh for tolerating my dopiness induced buffoonery. This reminded me of something I have been delaying since ions…that is to talk about “fight club”. I know we are breaking first two rules of the fight club, but we are going to talk... Continue Reading →

The Breakfast Club

So, friends today we are going to be talking about one of the most beloved movies of all times – The Breakfast Club. The reason is simple… it strikes a chord with almost all of us. Each one of us, who has ever entered the gate of a school. It’s always been on the top... Continue Reading →

Killing floor- Lee Child

I just read my first Lee Child Book - Killing Floor. As it’s his debut novel and this is where character of Jack Reacher was introduced, therefore I thought this is perfect book to begin exploring the work of this highly recommended author. Another reason, this book made it to almost every top-50, top-100 thriller (novels)... Continue Reading →

The Murder at the Vicarage – Agatha Christie

The Murder at the Vicarage Originally published: October 1930 Author: Agatha Christie Genre: Crime Fiction Publisher: Collins Crime Club Country: United Kingdom The story was adapted into a play in 1949. The BBC adapted the book into a film on 25 December 1986, with a few major exceptions. ………………… Remember when we were in school and a brawl broke out between the... Continue Reading →

Suggestion Box

Hey everyone! I am in a fix here..umm..a little.. When I write about books/movies I avoid writing technical details as I assume they are readily available once you hit Google. Secondly I avoid giving story. As a lot readers might not have read/watched it already and this could spoil their first hand experience. I prefer... Continue Reading →

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Just read another infamous work which has been always mentioned as a must-read book. It’s "The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka" My first thought?? Kafka is a genius!!! If I try to sum up my thoughts in one line it would be something like:  Your esteem, your worth, your dreams, your entire world comes crashing down... Continue Reading →

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