Joker & Mental Health

This post is not just about joker. It’s a tapestry of different subject and experiences revolving around the subject of mental health, in a very pulp fiction way. And it’s important! I was suggested not to watch joker as it’s dark and depressing and might trigger me…well… sounds like my kinda movie already. My thoughts... Continue Reading →

Can you ever forgive me? – Movie

Attention writers! You all neeeeeeeeeeed to watch this movie! By need I mean NEEEEEED! Last night I watched “can you ever forgive me?” and it’s essence was living in my bones throughout. Top reason is acting by Mellisa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant. It’s hard to choose who was better. I love Melissa McCarthy and... Continue Reading →

Girl, interrupted – Movie

Girl interrupted has been on the must-watch list for a very long time and last night I crossed this one finally. Since it was released in December 1999 and its 2019, and the whole image of mental health has shifted drastically since then, I watched it with a clean slate as a viewer rather than... Continue Reading →

Fried Green Tomatoes – Movie

What stories can do to you is absolutely magical. Last night I watched Fried Green Tomatoes and thank God I had tissues in arm’s length. I cried my heart out and every time I cried it broadened my smile later. If you believe in power of stories this is your movie. If you believe in... Continue Reading →

Julie & Julia

I desperately needed a reset button 2 days back my immune system crushed under boulder of exhaustion. And so did all the motivation and strength I had been accumulating. It was bad. It was ugly. It was silent. Well I needed a break from everything so thought a movie would be great idea. And I... Continue Reading →

Something about David Foster Wallace

I had hagseed in one hand but my eyes were fixated on the light green book laying by the window. I had that typical wardrobe moment that's always riddled with confusion first and always almost seared with regret later. Just human things. But in my case it's almost everytime with book. The number of books... Continue Reading →

The Trial by Franz Kafka

After being a constant pain in my neck for good 2 years I finally finished reading this 182 pages long insurmountable torture. I am talking about "The Trial". It's a masterfully crafted tragedy that crescendos with every word. Everytime I opened a new chapter I felt a sword gowing deeper in my throat. I have... Continue Reading →

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